Northern White Cedar Shingles

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    True North Cedar's A-Grade Shingles, finished with bleaching oil.

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    Our white cedar shingles fill the gable ends of this handsome northern Minnesota home.

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    White cedar shingles on historic house of Haverford College, Pennsylvania

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    A second house at Haverford College with decorative shingles in the gable end

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    Decorative shingle detail at Haveford, PA

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    Another decorative display of our shingles forms a handsome accent layer between other siding.

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    White cedar shingles weathering naturally to grey. Note the new shingles on the bottom of the building; older shingles on the top.

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    northern white cedar is ideal for both interior and exterior construction because it is naturally durable and resistant to moisture, decay and insect damage.

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    Homeowners can take on small projects themselves, like Andrea here, who says, "I had so much fun doing this!"

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    True North Cedar's shingles add old-world beauty to this home.

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    Ancient white cedar shingle roof contrasts beautifully with new metal siding.

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    Work in progress applying our cedar shingles.

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    Three-year old shingles on an historic windmill.

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    Siding photo shared by a happy customer in Pennsylvania.

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    This cedar-sided cottage in Northern Wisconsin nestles beautifully into its woodland site

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White cedar shingles outlast all others because they naturally inhibit decay and pests. Bugs don’t like white cedar. Just look to the hundred-year-old structures throughout the eastern United States still carrying their original shingles.

Harvested sustainably, then split and packaged for you, our shakes and shingles are a joy to work with. There’s nothing to siding a small building, just for starters. Plus, we can produce any custom shingle configuration you can imagine.

“I had so much fun doing this!” says Andrea,
shown above siding her woodland Wisconsin cottage.

leaf graphic leaf graphic leaf graphic
“I received all of the cedar, and everything looks great...excellent quality. I will definitely return in the future,” says Steve of Chaddsford, PA

Our northern white cedar shingles weather to a silvered gray when left unfinished. Left as is, their natural rot-resistance will protect them for decades. Stains and paints hold well, too. We offer pre-stain and paint services on shingle orders over 15 squares; this assures you of exceptional, lasting color and protection.

We recommend Keene products under our shingles for a ventilating underlayment more efficient than furring strips and much easier to install. $159 per roll.
For product specs, see Keene's Driwall CDR breather fabric.

At True North, we sell shingles by the square. To assist with calculating your material needs, a square is equal to 4 bundles of shingles and covers a 10' x 10' [100 square feet] area when exposing 5" of the shingle butt.


Shingles with 5 Inch Exposure

Price Per Square



6" Clear for Exposed Faces

Standard Quality
No Knots on Exposed Face
Traditionally Preferred for Sidewalls
where expense of premium is unnecessary

Sidewall $148



All Clear

Premium Quality
All Heartwood, All Clear [no knots]


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