Northern White Cedar Lumber

  • images/lumber_pergola_mass.jpg

    Glued cedar beams achieve a high appearance grade for this pergola, Marlboro, MA

  • images/lumber_pergola_mass_2.jpg

    The Marlboro, MA pergola with its shade awnings extended. Design by Frank White

  • images/lumber_saw.jpg

    Re-sawing white cedar cants for custom millwork

  • images/lumber_deck2.jpg

    This double-deck addition features our custom lumber package, put to excellent use by David Tosten, Hagerstown, MD.

  • images/lumber_deck.jpg

    Second story view from one of the white cedar decks.

  • images/lumber_updated.jpg

    Choose rough-sawn with natural patina for rustic mountain home

  • images/lumber_swingset.jpg

    A doting grampa designed and built this cedar swing set, including placing the 3.5" x 8" white cedar beam.

  • images/lumber_new.jpg

    Long-lasting, northern white cedar weathers exceptionally well

  • images/lumber_pergola.jpg

    Our premium lumber makes beautiful outdoor structures

  • images/lumber_canoe1.jpg

    Craftsman grade white cedar is revered by boat builders

  • images/lumber_canoe3.jpg

  • images/decking2.jpg

    Cedar decking weathers beautifully in all climates

  • images/lumberHobart.jpg

    See a photo of your lumber order before it ships

Put Your Best Face Forward

Northern white cedar (Thujas Occidentalis) stands well above other woods for both interior and exterior applications. Besides being among the most insect- and rot-resistant species, northern white cedar weathers naturally to a beautiful silver gray.

Siding, house trim, a garden structure -- set your work apart for generations to come.

ALL our northern white cedar lumber is:
• easy to work, with excellent machinability
• dimensionally stable and soft
• no preservatives necessary, takes paint & stain extremely well
• low maintenance, naturally bug and rot resistant

Your project needs will be easily met by one of our lumber grades and finishes. Please compare our lumber grades (below). All True North Cedar lumber is graded to the Best Face.

Three Lumber Grades Meet Your Every Need

Lumber Qualities Rustic Grade
Premium Grade
Craftsman Grade

Character Marks

Both sides of boards may include defects and discolorations.

Board faces are clear of defects & discolorations. Backsides may include imperfections.

both face and backside are clear of discolorations from rot and defect.


Both sides of boards may include tight and loose knots.

Board faces may include some loose knots in low ratios. Backsides may include loose knots. Both sides may include tight knots.

Both sides of boards may include minor tight knots in low ratios.


Docks, walkways, and other shorter length uses (birdhouses, doll furniture, etc.)

Always allow for significant waste when ordering Rustic Grade.

Decks, walls, fences, interior paneling, buildings, furniture. Most building projects. This is our most popular grade.

Fine woodworking, fine furniture, displays, cabinetry, molding and trim work, boat building, canoe strips and wood carving.

Lumber Pricing and Ordering Information

Long-term savings for long-lived beauty. As the largest manufacturer of northern white cedar products, True North Cedar can provide you – the retailer, builder, or homeowner – with cedar products at absolutely the best price and of the best quality available.

Centrally located in northern Minnesota, we can ship anywhere.

Please Call Max for Pricing
at 218-727-2145

Preview photos of your order before shipping. It’s important to us that you receive lumber that meets and exceeds your expectations. Ask for photos when placing your order and build in extra lead-time.

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