Northern White Cedar Fencing

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    White cedar fence, custom milled to order for a happy customer in Fort Meyers, FL.

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    Our stockade fence panels form a handsome woodland barrier

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    Stockade fence panels look good from either side

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    Our pre-fabricated dog-ear fence panels for quick installation

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    Close-up of stockade panel

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    Small-dimension logs ready for delivery for a custom-fence project.


Panels, Posts, Rails, Boards and Pickets for Your Custom Design

Fences and stockades built of northern white cedar stand strong, firm, and straight after 200 years. Learn why white cedar continues to be the favorite of serious custom-fence builders across the US. For a naturally handsome, silver-gray fence, always choose white cedar. View our White Cedar vs. Red Cedar comparison chart.

True North Cedar offers both pre-fabricated fence panels and custom fence lumber.

To ensure quality fence boards, True North Cedar Grading Standards require:
• Sound board strength
• Tight knots
• Uniform thickness
• Maximum wane allowance of 5% of the length of one side


Consider a True North fence system with pre-drilled posts and manufactured panels. Simplest installation makes these fence panels perfect as privacy screens. Dog ear, stockade, or picket panels mellow to silver in the elements. They absorb paint and stain readily as well. Make quick work of that project, so you can kick back and enjoy it!

Only $55 per panel
for dog ear, stockade, or picket – 6' x 8' panels
Call Craig for shipping and delivery options.

CUSTOM Fencing Lumber

Let us provide you with all the materials you need for a custom, DIY project. Our white cedar lumber can be purchased either planed (smooth) or band sawn (textured). Special ordered lumber is available in custom sizes that you can’t find from conventional lumber retailers, from 4” x 6” to as large as 8”x8”.

Please call Craig for pricing at 218-491-1438

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